Who Is Entitled To WorkCover Claims?

WorkCover claims are the worker’s compensation payments, paid to an employee after receiving an injury in the workplace.

WorkCover Queensland is a state government owned insurance agency who pay the workers compensation to the employee who has sustained the injury.

Regardless of who is at fault, if you have been injured at your place of work you have the right to statutory compensation through WorkCover’s no-fault scheme.

In the event that you are injured at work, you will be placed on statutory workers compensation benefits for the time you are off work and for medical and rehabilitation costs associated with the injury.

This essential assistance is only available for a limited period of time and eventually you will need to be formally assessed to determine the extent of your injuries and any long term impact the incident has or will have on you.

A Notice of Assessment will then be issued and may include a lump sum compensation offer.

If you choose to accept the lump sum workers compensation offer you will not be able to proceed with any other common law compensation.

Do I Need Legal Advice About My WorkCover Claims?

Often after a period of time where you have been receiving workers compensation, it can be very tempting to accept a lump sum payment from your employer.

However, it is important that you get the right information and understand your rights in this circumstance.

An offer of compensation usually comes with a requirement to discontinue receiving compensation payments and waiver your rights to other legal avenues to seek compensation.

You will be at risk of missing out on a much larger compensation lump sum payment if you were to proceed through other injury claims processes.

Here at Cairns Injury Lawyers, we strongly encourage all clients to seek urgent legal advice prior to accepting any compensation lump sum offer.

We guarantee you highly competitive hourly rates and, where appropriate, fixed fees.

Cairns Injury Lawyers Aim For Maximum Settlement In Minimal Time

Our team here at Cairns Injury Lawyers, strive to achieve the maximum settlement for you at the lowest cost and in the shortest possible time, without the need to go to court.

Your case will be dealt with by the same expert, senior lawyer and senior paralegal from the start to the finish of your claim process.

Where possible we will work on a no-win no-fee agreed fixed-fee basis.

Please remember that there are strict time limits for making a claim, so do not waste your valuable time – don’t leave it too late to claim your workers compensation.

Call us today on 4052 0700, to arrange your free claim assessment with one of our senior lawyers.

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