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Claiming for Medical Negligence

When a person becomes a victim of medical negligence it can have a devastating impact on their well-being…

18/05/2022 - Preston Law
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Who is at Fault in a Car Park Accident in Australia?

Car parks pose a threat to pedestrians and other drivers due to distractions, precarious conditions,…

20/04/2022 - Preston Law
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When Should I Settle my Personal Injury Claim?

After being injured and putting together a claim for compensation, the opportunity to settle can come…

1/04/2022 - Preston Law
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Keeping Yourself Safe on Public Transport

Public transport is a convenient and relatively cost-effective way to travel, so it is plain to see…

24/02/2022 - Preston Law
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Psychological or psychiatric injury claims: What you need to know

Workplace injuries are not limited to just the physical and they can also include psychological or psychiatric…

18/02/2022 - Preston Law
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The 12 injuries of Christmas

You might be familiar with the 12 days of Christmas, but the 12 injuries of Christmas are what you should…

21/12/2021 - Preston Law
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Slip and Fall Injury Claims – What are your rights?

If you have had a fall in a public place, you may feel helpless to make a claim for compensation, however,…

30/11/2021 - Preston Law
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What do I do if I am injured at work?

Despite the fact that every Australian worker is entitled to a safe working environment, workplace injuries…

27/10/2021 - Preston Law
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Six Things to Do After a Car Accident

It can be hard to think straight directly after a car accident, but there are some important steps you…

16/09/2021 - Preston Law
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