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Injured in A Motorcycle Accident – What Next?

Road accidents are usually a source of significant stress and trauma and often also result in serious…

25/06/2021 - Preston Law
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Time Limits For Personal Injury Claims

Did you know that if you have been injured during the course of your work, in a traffic or motor vehicle…

20/05/2021 - Preston Law
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Staying Safe On The Road During The Wet Season

Driving in North Queensland during the wet season requires extra vigilance to be able to contend with…

16/03/2021 - Preston Law
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CTP Claims Process in Queensland

Being in a motor vehicle accident can cause trauma, shock and stress and for most people, the last thing…

17/02/2021 - Preston Law
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Self Care Tips After A Life-Changing Injury

Self-care has gained a reputation for being all about treating yourself to an indulgent meal or popping…

22/01/2021 - Preston Law
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Keeping Safe On Wet Roads

With the wet season falling on North Queensland between November and March, it is important to take…

10/12/2020 - Preston Law
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Common Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents can be minor or major and can cause injuries ranging from small cuts and bruises…

13/11/2020 - Preston Law
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What To Do If You Have Been Injured On A Footpath

Being cramped up at home during COVID-19 lockdown has caused more people than ever before to take up…

22/09/2020 - Preston Law
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Can I claim compensation if I have signed a liability waiver?

What is a liability waiver? A liability waiver is a type of legal document that is most commonly used…

31/08/2020 - Preston Law
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