Three things to do when you’ve been injured in a car accident

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, the prospects are you’ve had little time to think about anything at all except getting the appropriate medical treatment.  Prospects are however that you will be entitled to receive compensation from the compulsory third-party insurer of driver of the vehicle that was involved in the accident.

In our experience there are three key things that clients who go on to successfully recover compensation from an insurer following a car accident do.  These are

  • make a report to the police at the earliest opportunity;
  • record with your doctors all injuries that you have suffered at the earliest opportunity;
  • Seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

By taking these three steps you will give yourself the best opportunity to:

  • establish the other driver being the cause of the accident (the police report)
  • the nature and extent of all the injuries that the accident has caused to you, thereby maximising the scope of compensation available to you (the medical reporting)
  • avoiding the failure to comply with one of the numerous strict time frames imposed by the law which could result in you forgoing the entitlement to compensation (obtaining legal advice)

By taking these three steps you will give yourself the best chance of obtaining compensation that you are lawfully entitled to.

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