The Most Common Crash Injuries Suffered by Drivers

In Queensland, cars are now a part of everyday life but have also become a symbol of our modern world and how far we have advanced from the Stone Ages. In the first world, most households own at least one vehicle, and few streets exist where cars aren’t a prominent feature. We see them as a convenience or even necessity in terms of getting about, without having to deal with Public transport systems and associated crowds.

As cars are becoming more accessible and Queensland roads increasingly congested, it is only inevitable that the number of crashes will increase and with that, unfortunately, personal injury and the requirement forcompensation claims.

The most common personal injuries that occur in Queensland are:

Head and Neck

These are typical of injuries sustained in a crash. The face is particularly vulnerable and often can be cut or lacerated by shrapnel or glass from the accident impact. The mouth and teeth can be easily injured especially for the driver as they aredirectly in front of the steering wheel and are likely to impact it in an accident.

More seriously, concussion and head trauma can be the result of a severe accident as well as the possibility of mental health problems in the future.


It is much more likely that the body will sustain injury from a crash. Chronic pain can be a result of injuries suffered to theback and legsfollowing an accident. Some survivors suffer back pain for many years or chronically as they will never recover fully.

In accidents that appear to be relatively minor, leg muscle damage and knee pain can occur, even in those not close to the point of impact.

There is also a risk of infection in parts of the body that have been cut or injured, depending on how quickly and well they have been handled by medics.

Bones and Muscles

Sadly, torn muscles and bone breakages are very common in victims of motor vehicle accidents in Queensland. Simple and compound fractures need both time andtreatmentto be repaired correctly. Surgery may be required, and this can be painful with an extended recovery period, often meaning absence from work or school and other inconveniences. Shrapnel or glass that has entered deep into the body may also need surgery for removal.

It’s the drivers that can suffer the worst of these injuries, such as damage, and trauma to legs and torso.

Care needs to be taken as sometimes injuries are not at first apparent and only come to light after the victim has been thoroughly examined.


Psychological issues and disorders are not as every day as physical injuries following a car accident, but Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are two of the most common. It is essential that victims seek and receive specialised treatment for these conditions to help them in their recovery overall.

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