Suing for negligence in Cairns

If you have been injured in Cairns or far North Queensland as a result of someone else’s negligence, you will most likely be entitled to obtain compensation from the negligent party.  In many cases there may be more than one negligent party from whom you may be entitled to claim compensation from.

Under Queensland law, depending upon the manner in which you were injured (i.e. at work, on the road or in a public place) you will be required to follow a particular “pre-action process“ before you are entitled to formally sue the negligent party.

The good news is that the pre-action process can in many cases result in the negligent party (or their insurer) agreeing to pay you compensation without the need for you to sue them.

If it is necessary for you to sue the negligent party, you will do so by commencing court action in either the:

  • Cairns Magistrates Court;
  • Cairns District Court; or
  • Cairns Supreme Court.

The size of your claim will depend upon which court you need to commence the court action in. 

Fortunately there are numerous permanent Magistrates, District Court Judges and a Supreme Court Justice based in Cairns and as such if it is necessary for you to sue a party you will be able to have your case heard in Cairns.

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