Staying Safe in the Workplace

Safety in the workplace is a concern for everyone in Cairns and Australia. Employers are obliged to ensure the safety of all workers and employees should be able to do their job in a safe environment while following correct procedures. But unfortunately, in our less than perfect world, the workplace can sometimes be a dangerous space for one reason or another.

According to Safe Work Australia, there are over 100,000 workers’ compensation claims annually of a serious nature in Australia. These are the claims resulting from reported incidents and does not take into consideration those that are unreported or not correctly handled through the appropriate channels.

The importance of workers’ compensation

This compensation is a type of insurance payment that all workers can access. It entitles you to claim for compensation if you have been injured or become ill due to your job and are unable to work for a prolonged length of time.

Cairns Employers are obliged to have adequate workers’ compensation to cover any incidents that occur in the workspace.

If I make a claim for compensation, am I ripping off my employers?

No – every employee should have the right to do their job in a safe environment, free from danger and injury. However, accidents can happen, and some of these sadly can be serious. It is within an employer’s best interests to ensure that an injured or sick worker is back on the job, fit and well, as soon as possible.

As an employee unable to work, there are still the usual bills to pay as well as possible medical costs and the associated stress of all this.

So, what should I do if I am injured while working in Cairns?

  1. Notify your employers
    It is vital that you tell your employers of what has happened and the injuries (or suspected injuries) you have suffered. They, in turn, must inform the insurer within forty-eight hours. In the case of serious injuries, SafeWork must be notified.
  2. Visit a doctor
    Your injuries need to be assessed by a doctor who will then issue the certificate of capacity. This is required to be sent by your employer to the insurer so that the claim process can begin.
  3. Recovery
    This can take place on the job if possible, where you can take on lighter tasks until you are fully rehabilitated. If you are unable to work at all, you can recover in full with a plan of how you can return to your job as soon as is feasible.

Employees unable to be in the workplace because of injuries are entitled to make a claim for compensation. Claims can cover wages or salary, medical costs and any additional expenses.

If you have suffered an injury through the course of your employment, our experienced lawyers can help with all matters concerning Workers Compensation and the law. Contact our legal team on 07 4052 0760   to discuss your circumstances.

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