Rideshare Accidents: What happens if I am injured in an Uber

Uber has proven to be a life-changing invention for many people due to its ease of use, cleanliness, comfort and convenience, but for all its benefits riding in an Uber is not without risk and occasionally traffic accidents involving rideshares do occur. If you are injured in an Uber that has been involved in a traffic accident, you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries. Here’s how.

What should I do if I’m injured in an Uber?

If you are a passenger who is injured during an Uber ride the best approach is the same one you should take if you are injured in any other traffic accident. In the first instance, you should obtain the advice of a medical professional – even if you do not feel that you need it at the time. Injuries can seem minor at first but can worsen over time, especially if they are related to the neck and/or head. You should present to the emergency department of your nearest hospital or see your GP as soon as possible so they can record your complaint and provide you with the best advice. This information may need to be drawn upon if you do go ahead with a claim.

After gathering as many details as possible, you should also inform the police of the accident. The type of information that can be useful includes the contact details of any witnesses or other parties involved in the accident, photos and/or video footage of the scene and any evidence which indicates who was at fault. It is important that you obtain a copy of the policy report as it will form part of your compensation claim.

It is beneficial to report the accident to Uber, too. You can do this through the Uber app under the “Your Trips” tab, followed by “Trip Issues” and then “I was involved in an accident”.

Do Uber drivers have insurance to cover their passengers in case an injury occurs?

When Uber began operating in Australia, concerns were raised about whether ride-share apps complied with legal laws. Ubers were initially viewed as privately-owned vehicles and, unlike the taxi industry where it is essential for there to be insurance covering passengers, it was not clear who should pay compensation if a passenger was injured in an Uber accident.

Fortunately, Uber’s insurance now covers both personal injury and damage to personal property for passengers who book their ride through the app. If you are a passenger, you are automatically covered for any injuries (physical and psychological) which were the result of an accident under a registered Uber driver’s Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance policy.

If the driver of your Uber has let their CTP insurance lapse or their insurance company refuses to pay out your claim for compensation, Uber also carries $20 million vehicle liability for all trips.

How much compensation am I entitled to if I am injured in an Uber?

If you are entitled to compensation after being injured in an Uber, the amount of compensation will be assessed based on your individual circumstances. It is not possible to provide a blanket estimate without factoring personal loss, including loss of income (both past and future) and loss of quality of life, as well as the amount that should be reimbursed for medical and care expenses and compensation for any physical and psychological trauma endured.

If you have been injured in an Uber and would like advice on making a claim for compensation our experienced personal injury lawyers can assist on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

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