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Staying Safe in the Workplace

Safety in the workplace is a concern for everyone in Cairns and Australia. Employers are obliged to…

16/04/2019 - Tim Dobinson
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Working from Home in Cairns – What Happens if I get Injured?

It isn't breaking news to most of us that working from home is becoming more and more popular in Queensland.…

27/03/2019 - Tim Dobinson
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Can My Claim Be Settled Through Mediation?

What matters are suitable for mediation? Matters commonly deemed suitable for mediation include: Neighbourhood…

20/02/2019 - Tim Dobinson
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Making A Claim - Where Do I Start?

Did you know that in Queensland, if you have suffered an injury because of someone else's negligence,…

25/01/2019 - Tim Dobinson
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Finding a Job When You Have a Physical Disability

Coming to terms with a permanent disability following a car crash or injury in the workplace can be…

20/12/2018 - Tim Dobinson
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Staying Safe This Christmas

It's nearly that time of year once more, and we are all looking forward to what should be a happy and…

30/11/2018 - Tim Dobinson
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Common Cairns Driving Myths, Busted

Admit it or not, we all bend the rules sometimes when behind the wheel, especially when we are under…

24/10/2018 - Tim Dobinson
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How Much Can I Claim After a Car Crash in Cairns?

No matter how carefully we drive on Queensland roads these days, there is a chance that we will get…

28/09/2018 - Tim Dobinson
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The Most Common Crash Injuries Suffered by Drivers

In Queensland, cars are now a part of everyday life but have also become a symbol of our modern world…

30/08/2018 - Tim Dobinson
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